ATTENTION: Newbie marketers, affiliate marketers, or anyone trying to make money online, but needing an extra helping hand...

"Discover How To Unleash Your Very Own Profit-Producing Products Without Lifting A Finger!"

"Here's The Solution To Building A Revenue Producer IN DAYS The Same Way That Top Marketing Gurus Do."

Would you eat in a restaurant that looked like a cheap knock off of the fancy place down the block? How about if you heard that the chef had learnt how to cook from a series of videos that sold for $49.97? Would you feel comfortable paying $20 for a steak there?

How about if you were feeling chest pains and the guy who cleans your office tells you that there's no need to go to the hospital as he's just taken an intensive 4 part teleseminar that guarantees it teaches the exact same information that most people need 3 years to learn in medical school. Would you feel comfortable putting your life in his hands?

...No, I thought not...

Clearly these are extreme cases, but they illustrate my point:

People go to school, take internships and spend years learning a profession. We learn to trust people with professional training because these people took the time to accurately learn their professions and it shows both in the quality and in the effectiveness of their work.

Would you trust someone who is inexperienced in producing quality products and marketing materials? If you don't have the experience, should you really be doing it yourself?

A common sales misconception is that customers will purchase a specific product based only on the quality of that product. However, it turns out that customers normally purchase their initial product based on the quality of the marketing. If a customer sees a DVD or an ebook cover which is professionally designed and manufactured, they are far more likely to purchase than if it looks like it was thrown together in a haphazard way.

In today's competitive market, creating a product that looks like it is of high quality tells your customers that what you are selling is worthwhile and that they should have complete confidence in what they will receive. The theory goes that if a company is willing to spend the money on packaging, a website and a branding strategy, then they surely will make the necessary investment to make sure their product is the best that it can be.

Don't get me wrong, the contents of the product is also extremely important but what sells your product are the marketing materials.

This is SOME offer!

Having worked with you and your team before, I know the quality of the work you guys do.

This is a great chance for an idea to go from brain-dust to reality at a fraction of what it really costs in terms of both time and effort, as well as money.

-Steve Cowan

I would highly suggest hopping on this offer. All of the stuff Ben puts out in the scene is great stuff.

-Steve Iser

A great offer.

Ben is one of those guys that knows what they are doing. Quality is first-class. Run don't walk on this one.

Leonard Payne

Anyone who's looking to get a "plug-n-profit" package, you're looking at it now. I've never seen such an offer made anywhere else.

Aurelius Tjin

If You Are Having Trouble Creating Products Or Making Sales Online, This Is The Solution You've Been Waiting For.

Let's face it, you're here for one reason and for one reason only: You want to create a permanent revenue stream...

There are many ways to make money online. The problem is though, that with most models you are dependent on another party and are not actively building your own business.

When you are involved in affiliate marketing, there is a logical limit to the amount of money you can make. Your sales are completely contingent on someone else's salespage and sales funnel and every sale you make means that you're losing that customer to the more experienced marketer who can then sell to your customers directly next time.

The only way to make a dent in the industry and add weight to your wallet is to create and sell your own products. But what do you do if you don't know how to write a powerful salesletter, design eye-popping graphics, build a standout website and create a kick-arse product?

This Is Why You Need The Product Machine...

If you've tried to create your own products, then you know how much time, money and effort it takes to produce something that you can present to the market...that is if you have the ability to get it to that level. And then, even if your product is filled with the most useful information man has ever seen, if the sales package doesn't reflect the value contained within, your product will most likely flop.

Producing quality products is the hardest aspect of online marketing and it's something that can not be learnt from an eBook, audio collection, video series or a teleseminar.

To create your own product, you'd need to take a web programming course, a graphic design course, a copywriting course as well as a couple of online marketing courses too.

You may choose to take this path and if you do, then I wish you the best of luck. However, that will not give you the ability to start profitting in the next few days or weeks. It will also mean that you need to do a huge amount of work before even getting to the stage where you can create a high quality package.

It is for this exact reason that The Product Machine was created. Let ME take the responsibility and the action.

Now you can sell your own products and control your own profits. You can even have affiliates making money for you while you control your own customers.

Never worry about your lack of skill again. Don't think that you'll never be able to reach the highest levels of Internet profits. Don't worry about not being able to produce your own product.

Let me and my team of highly trained experts do it all for you.

I'll tell you more about that in just a moment, but first let me introduce myself.

My name is Ben Shaffer. I have more than a decade of experience creating, marketing, and helping other people just like you succeed online.

You've probably heard of me, but if you haven't, just Google me, and you'll see for yourself that I'm the real deal when it comes to online profits.

If the only thing that's stopping you from making money online is the ability to create your own product, then you are going to love this...

The Product Machine is your opportunity to have a product created just for you. This isn't like buying a PLR product that looks generic and anyone can buy and sell. This is a product created specifically for you by a team of experts. You can decide what the product is about, you can request changes, you can dictate every detail of the product so it will truly be your own.

Me and my team of marketing experts will create your product especially for you. We will put in the time and the hard work so that you are happy with your product.

Take Advantage Of My Experience

Internet marketing riches used to be reserved for only those born with the special skills required and those who dedicated their time to learning what is necessary for success.

One of the reasons that making money with Internet marketing is so evasive is because there are so many different skills required to succeed. To sell any product successfully, even a simple resale rights product, at least a moderate to advanced understanding of web programming, copywriting, graphic design and basic marketing is needed.

That is until now...

I'm proud to offer you the most comprehensive marketing creation offer that you will find. I'm giving you the opportunity to take advantage of my skills, knowledge and ability today.

The Product Machine

The Product Machine is the fastest and easiest ways to take your online business to the next level. If you're relatively new to Internet marketing and you want to shift your business into hyper-drive, it's time for you start selling your own products. The Product Machine is your ticket to making a name for yourself and developing a reputation for delivering high-quality products that the market is craving for.

If you are a more experienced marketer, then this is your opportunity to outsource your product creation and be sure of a high quality outcome.

If your goal is to make money quickly and easily, then all you have to do is click the button below and tell my team what to do. Once you say 'yes' to The Product Machine, you'll be able to launch your very own profit-producing products in just a matter of days. All without lifting a finger.

Choose Which Package Suits Your Needs

Bronze Package

eBook (at least 10,000 words)

The Bronze Package is perfect for you if you want to create your own graphics and marketing material. For one low price, you will receive a professionally written eBook. The eBook is yours to do whatever you want with. You give us the topic, the keywords and the niche and we will produce a 10,000 word product. We have a team of writers who are ready to write on almost any niche.

Turnaround Time: 3 - 7 working days.

Silver Package

Salesletter (html formatted)

Header and Footer graphics

eBook/CD/DVD Cover (as required)

Background Graphics (if required)

Order Button

Download Page

With the Silver Package, you create your own product and we will supply you with the above. All you need to do is attach your own payment button and your site is ready to go.

Turnaround Time: 7 - 10 working days.

Gold Package


Follow Up Emails

Short Report for the eBook

Squeeze Page

Salesletter (html formatted)

Header and Footer graphics

eBook/CD/DVD Cover (as required)

Background Graphics (if required)

Order Button

Download Page

With the Gold Package, you just have to come up with a killer eBook idea and we will create it for you.

The combined total word count for the eBook, follow-up emails, and short report will be at least 10,000. If you require further text, that can be purchased separately.

As with the silver package, all you need to do is attach your own payment button and your site is ready to go.

Turnaround Time: 7 - 21 working days.

Platinum Package


Follow Up Emails

5 Blog Posts/Articles

Short Report for the eBook

Squeeze Page

Salesletter (html formatted)

Header and Footer graphics

eBook/CD/DVD cover (as required)

Background Graphics (if required)

Order Button

Download Page

Affiliates Page (See example below)

With the Platinum Package, we will not only create the eBook, the salesletter and all the graphics, but we will create your very own affiliate materials complete with emails, banner ads, articles, blog posts and signature ads.

Included in the affiliate package is:

1 Text Link

2 Emails

4 Signatures Ads

4 Banner Ads In 3 Sizes

1 Article You Can Post Anywhere

1 Blog Post

1 Sponsored Ad

1 Safe List Ad

1 Instant Buzz Ad (Non IM)

As with the Gold Package, the combined total word count for the eBook, follow-up emails, and short report will be at least 10,000. If you require further text, that can be purchased separately.

All you will need to do is attach your own payment button and your site is ready to go.

Turnaround Time: 7 - 21 working days.

Here's An Exclusive Look At A Few Profit-Producing Sites We've Done For Others So You Can See With Your Own Eyes What you'll Get With Us







With The Product Machine On Your Side:

you'll have the luxury of having a team of experts do all of the hard work for you and develop products that sell from Day 1 of their launch.

you'll be able to take your online business to the next level of success with no effort on your part at all.

you'll slash years off of your Internet marketing learning curve and have access to a team of proven and successful marketers making everything as easy as pie for you

you'll go from a struggling marketer to guru status virtually overnight......while someone else does all of the work for you

Simply put..... Once you say 'YES' to The Product Machine, online success will be just days away!

Need Proof?

Hi Ben,

There arenít enough high quality PLR products available and Iím glad you are trying to buck that trend. Most people sit around complaining that thereís nothing decent in the market, so it says a lot about your character that you went out and did something about it.

The product you created for me was truly outstanding. I was able to turn it around and profit from it almost immediately.

Instead of finding a low-quality PLR product and rehashing it into another sub-par product (like we see so often these days), I was able to get an original product created for me from scratch. In other words, what I received was a one-of-a-kind, custom created product that I can do anything I want with. If I had written the ebook myself, plus created the website and sales letter, it would have taken me weeks. But I was able to have it done by your team for a totally no-brainer low price, and the turn-around time was super fast. You just saved me a lot of time and money.

I really appreciate your service, Iíd definitely recommend you to others and buy from you again.

Eric Holmlund,

Hi Ben,

Outsourcing is always a stressful and time consuming endeavor. You'd think with all the freelancing sites out there it would be easy to get jobs done-Not so.

The whole process requires you to be very hands on and in my experience, it has been hit and miss to the point where you never know what you're going to get. Countless times, with those services, I have paid for work and gotten nothing usable in return and the process was as smooth and painless as a triple root canal.

So far, your team has been exemplary. Not only do they follow instructions to the letter and deliver materials *before* deadlines come up, but the quality is always a notch above anything I have gotten working with others.

That being said, you're without a doubt the "go-to guy" for this type of job and no amount of convincing could bring me to try anybody else. I only wish I could find suppliers as reliable in all aspects of my business, but that's asking for a lot.

Thanks and keep up the good work,

Alex Goad,

Hey Ben,

Over the last few months I've tried several different methods of outsourcing and all I can say is never again! Not only was I having to rewrite allegedly 'professional' writers work. I was seeing basic punctuation and grammatical mistakes time and time again.

I have used you and you team 4 times since then and each job has been great. All I need to do is give you the topic and discuss with your writing team a very basic outline. Then I just sit back and in a few days I'm reading my very own ebook and sales letter, that are out of this world.

Putting the work aside, working with you and your team has not only given me great contacts for product creation but has also given me some great friends.

Thanks again,

Darren Kaye,

Hi Ben,

I want to quickly say something about your services, it's HIGHLY recommended.

The products I've received for some of my niche businesses are excellent, and so is your level of customer service and support.

You provide one of the best complete packages ever, and such a solution is unheard of anywhere. Not only are the products delivered top-notch, but as mentioned, you're a dream to work with.

Ewen Chia,


I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much working with you has changed my life.

As you know, I was running a profitable Christmas Light business but I knew I could make more money than I was.

I was struggling with how to expand my business until I found your service "THE PRODUCT MACHINE"

Working with you and your team was very easy and I got a top notch professional product from the work. Not only the ebook, but also the sales letter, graphics and website all contributed to a totally professional package.

The only thing I did was add a video and put my payment button in place.

To date I've made 4X the amount of money I paid you to write the ebook... so that's a good thing.

The real genius of this business however is now that I've got a list of buyers, you've helped me see how I can sell them other related services.

Through your information, or though information that you recommended to me, I've added communities, products launches and a host of "back end products" that I can sell that list, so while the book sells for $47, the real money comes from the thousands of dollars worth of websites, forums and other "back end offers" that I can sell them.

Thank you for the dramatic effect you've had on my business and the way that I approach marketing myself and my business, I would recommend both your IMPLR club and your "THEPRODUCTMACHINE" service to anyone, It's made me a lot of money in the past year and I'm sure it will make me even more money as I continue to refine my skills, my lists and my business.

Very Sincerely,

Riel Roussopoulos,

Are You Ready To Own Your Own Product?

Everything will be done for you...All you'll have to do is add your PayPal button, sit back and start selling!

Never before has anyone opened up their successful business so completely to help you succeed.

See what a difference The Product Machine can make in your business. What used to take you weeks can now be done for you in just a matter of days. Your ability to roll out products will increase and so will the amount of money in your pocket.

One successful product could launch your entire business. The email addresses you collect from just one successful product launch could become the backbone to a business that could support your family for years to come.

So Are You Ready To Get Started?

If you're really ready to experience online business success with virtually no work on your part, then you're ready to get started, right?

I'm pleased to offer you this amazing deal...

You understand that by placing your secure order today, you will be getting the very best marketing strategy that money can buy.

Here's What You Will Receive When You Purchase Today:

I will develop your marketing methods together with my team of trained experts.

Together we will decide what the best way is to sell or create and sell your product. We will decide how to develop your product and we will work towards creating the perfect marketing strategy for that product.

My team of professional writers and graphic artists will work for you.

Not only will you benefit from the years of experience that has collected inside my head, but my entire team is ready to make sure your product succeeds.

You will take advantage of the years of training and experience that my qualified staff has to offer. They are truly some of the best people in the business and they'll be working hard for you. These professionals will dedicate their time to create your very own salesletter, graphics and squeeze pages. You will see first hand how effective it is to put your sales and marketing strategy into the hands of qualified professionals.

With the platinum package, we will create your very own affiliate materials so you can start having other people affiliate for you right away.

You've probably been an affiliate for other people before, but have you ever had people sell your products for you? See how easy it is to make money when you can sit back, relax and let other people make sales.

We will build everything you need to run a successful affiliate campaign. You'll see what it means to manage affiliates and how much fun it is to see other people sweat through sales that go directly into your pocket.

You will keep your profits!

I don't expect a percentage of the profit. Once I create a site for you, the entire campaign is yours to keep. You can put your name on it and even resell it to someone else if you want.

Don't Wait Even A Second Longer.
Purchase now!

PS: With The Product Machine working on your side, it's virtually impossible for you to fail, so you have nothing to lose!

PPS: You've heard the testimonials, you've seen the samples of what you'll get with The Product Machine working on your side, and you already know in your heart that this is the right thing for you to do. Online success is finally within your reach and you could be experiencing it in just days from now. All you have to do is make the decision to succeed is to decide which package is correct for you and click the order button above.

Hi Ben

Just a short note to tell you that I really enjoy working with you and do appreciate your professional service very-very much indeed!

It's rare to find people online you can trust and count on in a long term.

Take care!

John Delavera,

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